10 Effective Ways to improve Communication Skills

We live in a heavily technologized world, and because of that one of the most important things to focus on is communication. With the help of communication we can be more productive, get a better workplace and just achieve astounding results in our life. But, how can we improve our communication efforts efficiently? Let’s find out.


1. Connect at a personal level
If you want to communicate something to a person and make him relate to what you say, then all you need to do is to try and connect with that person. Understand the needs, demands and expectations, since this will help you achieve the results you need. Avoid controversial topics and instead focus on a conversation that will entice the other person to respond!


2. Set a familiar tone
Sometimes you might need to be aggressive, but the reality is that with an aggressive tone you can’t do great things. Because of that, it’s a very good idea to be direct, calm, cooperative and confident, as this is the way to make other person understand and talk with you.


3. Remain positive
Staying positive is crucial if you want to connect with a person, if the one you talk with sees that you are full of life, he will surely like to talk with you, otherwise this can be a boring conversation. Stay positive and instill positive thinking into the dialog, then you will obtain the results you seek.


4. Adopt the correct body language
The way you move your body can also lead you to communicating something you might not want. Because of that, you need to make eye contact at all times and ensure that the person looks into your eyes. In the meantime, adopt a pose of confidence.


5. Remove conversation fillers
Stick to the point if you want to communicate the right way, and avoid to say stuff just because you need to. Sometimes, not talking is bliss, so keep that in mind.


6. Create a script for small talk
Of course, many situations require you to be original, but do create a script for small talk that will be appreciative and professional, depending on the person you talk to. Creating a script will make you happy because you know how to respond to any small talk.


7. Tailor message to the audience
Different audiences require a different way to talk or communicate with, so if you want great results you need to make sure that you convey your message in a way that everyone can understand.


8. Keep it short
Long speeches or talks are boring, so what you do need to stay concise and to the point, because people are more likely to understand what you want. Short but simple is the way to go here, and the results are amazing to say the least.


9. Use empathy
Empathy shows that you care, that you pay complete respect to what the other person says, and this is a major communication skill. Keep it in mind if you want to get extraordinary results when you talk with other person.


10. Be a good listener
If you want to communicate better, then you just have to listen to the other person. Listening allows you to fully understand what the other person talks about and what he/she wants, which is very important. Pay attention to what the others say and the results will amaze you for sure.


In conclusion, with the help of these communication skills you will be able to improve the way you talk with others. Don’t hesitate and implement these ideas into your communication pattern, the results will impress you for sure!


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  • Thanks for such a great Blog. I would definitely try to improve my skill as per instruction,i need it. Those 10 points were great. I’m going to keep reading over the notes I’ve made and steadily improve.

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