Your Greatest Power!

How do you define power? Do you define power by capability to lift weights? Or power is the authority which comes with designation?   The power I am writing about is with every human. A power which can take you places, a power which can help you achieve every single goal that you possess. The

Is your environment defining you?

As children we have no choice of the environment. We are shaped, tuned by the environment we grow in. Many people including me understand that the education system does not provide the right environment or system for the children to learn and experience life in the right way. But the challenge is many people even

Where are you heading?

This is an important question that you need to ask yourself every now and then. Every day you are running a race, a never-ending race … to where? What for? Do you really know the destination or do you see where it will lead you?   It reminds me of the reality of how we