Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone!!!

What is most comfortable place on planet earth? When I ask this question to the audience they usually and instantly give answers like home, a luxurious hotel, mountain top being connected with nature, bachelors pad and slowly the answers start getting deeper, mother’s lap and finally the ultimate answer comes out- mother’s womb. The place

Are you Busy or Productive ?

“God, give me patience but hurry!”   While I was dropping my son to school today morning, couldn’t help but notice the above words on the back of a car. It sounded funny when I first read it but when I kept repeating it in my head the irony of those words struck me and

12 Ways to push yourself out of your Comfort Zone…

Want to get out of your safe cocoon but don’t know where to begin? The hardest part is taking the first step. It’s much easier to remain within the boundaries of where you feel comfortable than it is to face the fear of venturing beyond them. But by limiting yourself to what you already know,