The Secret to Effective Communication…

    Think of your favorite teacher at  school/ college or your favorite boss at work.  Now, ponder as to why they are your favorites, what is it that you like/ liked about them so much? Was it the way they dressed, or the way they worked/ taught, or the way they smiled, or the

8 Proven Ways to Manage your Stress!!!

Racing against deadlines, sitting in traffic, arguing with your spouse: there’s so much in life that can make your body react as if you were facing a physical threat. This is why chronic stress can make you more vulnerable to life-threatening health problems. But there are simple ways you can take control of stress by avoiding some

Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone!!!

What is most comfortable place on planet earth? When I ask this question to the audience they usually and instantly give answers like home, a luxurious hotel, mountain top being connected with nature, bachelors pad and slowly the answers start getting deeper, mother’s lap and finally the ultimate answer comes out- mother’s womb. The place

Are you Busy or Productive ?

“God, give me patience but hurry!”   While I was dropping my son to school today morning, couldn’t help but notice the above words on the back of a car. It sounded funny when I first read it but when I kept repeating it in my head the irony of those words struck me and

Creative Communication

In today’s world people and companies are more focused on their communication with one another. Yes, this communication is very vital in getting your job completed successfully, building relationships, resolving conflicts, getting your point across, sharing your feedback, etc. But even more important than external communication is the internal communication, the communication that you are

10 Effective Ways to improve Communication Skills

We live in a heavily technologized world, and because of that one of the most important things to focus on is communication. With the help of communication we can be more productive, get a better workplace and just achieve astounding results in our life. But, how can we improve our communication efforts efficiently? Let’s find