5 Success Traits of Corporate Leaders.

    Successful leaders are the power and intelligence behind their organizations. They are the visionaries charged with directing their trademark around traps. They need to know when to seize opportunities and how to bring employees together to work hard towards the goals of their business.   Fruitful and efficient leaders transcend the title of

The Secret to Effective Communication…

    Think of your favorite teacher at  school/ college or your favorite boss at work.  Now, ponder as to why they are your favorites, what is it that you like/ liked about them so much? Was it the way they dressed, or the way they worked/ taught, or the way they smiled, or the

8 Proven Ways to Manage your Stress!!!

Racing against deadlines, sitting in traffic, arguing with your spouse: there’s so much in life that can make your body react as if you were facing a physical threat. This is why chronic stress can make you more vulnerable to life-threatening health problems. But there are simple ways you can take control of stress by avoiding some

Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone!!!

What is most comfortable place on planet earth? When I ask this question to the audience they usually and instantly give answers like home, a luxurious hotel, mountain top being connected with nature, bachelors pad and slowly the answers start getting deeper, mother’s lap and finally the ultimate answer comes out- mother’s womb. The place

Are you Busy or Productive ?

“God, give me patience but hurry!”   While I was dropping my son to school today morning, couldn’t help but notice the above words on the back of a car. It sounded funny when I first read it but when I kept repeating it in my head the irony of those words struck me and

12 Ways to push yourself out of your Comfort Zone…

Want to get out of your safe cocoon but don’t know where to begin? The hardest part is taking the first step. It’s much easier to remain within the boundaries of where you feel comfortable than it is to face the fear of venturing beyond them. But by limiting yourself to what you already know,

Filtered Glass

A father along with his two young sons gets into a crowded electric train. He manages to get a seat and the moment he sits down, he closes his eyes. The children slowly start moving around the compartment. Soon in a very short time the children are bored, they start running in the aisle making

Why are you born as You?

This question is something every one of us keep asking ourselves many a times… I should have been a rich person in another country, born in another family, could have been a little fairer, taller, etc. We find that life would have been totally different if you had been born in a different place and

Explore the explorer in you…!!!

Exploring is just an energizer. The more time you spend exploring things the curious you become, you don’t know where the energy comes from probably you observe from the universe around you. The more the explorer is awake the more you life becomes awake. Let’s look back at our childhood days when we all where