Explore the explorer in you…!!!

Exploring is just an energizer. The more time you spend exploring things the curious you become, you don’t know where the energy comes from probably you observe from the universe around you. The more the explorer is awake the more you life becomes awake. Let’s look back at our childhood days when we all where explorers. We were exploring our mothers love, our father smile, our grandparent’s joy in us, the beautiful butterflies, colourful sky. We were totally mesmerised by the surrounding around us. Go take time and look at a child how it explores the new environment, it many a times is not very cautious but just thrilled and happy of the surroundings.


Explorer doesn’t mean you have to go to the arctic and explorer what lying below. Just now, right where you stand look around. Just remove your ever worried looking hat and wear an explorer’s hat and start exploring the things around you. It can be small, big doesn’t matter. Make a helmet out of water melon, snow man out of your ice cream tub, how does your washing machine actually work?


You need to have all kinds of exploration in your life to have a balance. Explore spirituality, your work, your family, and just exploring for fun. What concepts are you really interested on Law of attraction, law of abundance, positive thinking, whatever it is how deep have you explored it. Have you experienced the joy of exploring? How do you think the scientists are exploring a particular concept for years together they are totally emerged in their exploration? They researched for years to get the “God Particle”. Thousands of years ago when telescope where never invented people know what the universe consisted of. They explored themselves deeply inside that they were to say what is in the outside. The answer to all questions lies inside you. You have to really take the time to explore and you shall also find. Each of body is totally different. Each of our body reacts differently to different situations. Have your explored your body enough. How does your body react to each type of food that you have? Take time my dear friends, in this fast paced world where everything is a hurry, take time to look around, take time to look within and explore more. Dwell in the joy of exploring things.

Let me ask you this question? Who are you? If you remove your name, designation, your responsibilities, who are you? Let me tell you, you’re are not your body, neither your mind? Then what are you? Explore…  

Explore the job that you are doing. Get deep down and figure out processes that can be made easier, product qualities that can be made better, the benefits to be expanded better. Explore your clients, check out what exactly he wants , what benefits his he seeking out of your product can make life much better.


Take a trip to a place you have never been. Explore the place walk around the streets as a normal person, see how they communicate, get to know the market produce, the local language, their speciality sweets, breads whatever is different in them , that is where happiness lies.


Explore the explorer in you and thereby the JOY in you. – Ganesh Kumar S


Ganesh Kumar S
Founder, CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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