Filtered Glass

A father along with his two young sons gets into a crowded electric train. He manages to get a seat and the moment he sits down, he closes his eyes. The children slowly start moving around the compartment. Soon in a very short time the children are bored, they start running in the aisle making a lot of noise, they disturb the people reading their daily newspaper. The children stand next to people having their food and stare at them and the people are not willing to share the food, feel so uncomfortable and irritated with their behavior. “What a father he is? People don’t even know how to grow their children, can’t they teach some manners to the children?” are all the thoughts which run through the minds of the people in the train…


While running, the children suddenly slip and fall over a man reading a newspaper and tear the paper into two halves. That’s it, the man loses his temper and he walks to the father holding the child in one hand. He almost drags the child to the father and shouts at him. “ Hey mister can’t you not see that your children are creating a big mess here. They are disturbing the peace of the entire compartment, I think it is time for you to open your eyes and start paying attention to them”. The father slowly opens his eyes, doesn’t even make big body movements, doesn’t seem to be shocked of the complaint but just comes out of his zone as though he was like a zombie. He slowly mumbles “I know they are creating a lot of trouble and disturbance, if their mother was there she would exactly know how to handle them” and starts crying… “Just now I received a call from the hospital that she is no more; she was admitted due to an illness a week back. I don’t know what to do? I don’t know how to communicate that their mother is no more to my children…” Tears start trickling from his eyes, he just tries not to cry out loud and call attention from everyone in the compartment. But by this time everyone hears the story… Everyone feels bad for their behavior and wants to help somehow. They take the children and start playing with them. They try to make rockets with the newspaper, feed the children with food they have. One-man hands out tissue to the father and tries to console him. Another helps him with some water and the entire mood of the compartment shifts from frustration, & irritation to love, affection, sympathy and empathy.


Many a times we all wear filtered glasses, we see the things we want to see and the way we want to see them. This does not give us the real picture of the world around us. We perceive the world through our senses and the senses have filter through our learned  and belief system. When we are open to seeing the world outside with and without our glasses, also be open to suggestions and views from others, our life becomes beautiful. If you really are open to people and looking at things from their point of view then you will be able to live a very happy and peaceful life. You will cherish beautiful relationships and people will want to be friends and be associated with you.


The first step in this is to become aware of the filtered glass you are wearing, second would to be open and be willing to look at things from different perspective, and finally willing to shift when you find that others’ opinions are valid.


Ganesh Kumar S
Founder & CEO – Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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