How did Rahul get extraordinary results???

In a village there was a man called Rahul who was so much into God. Day in and day out he just was offering prayers and singing songs. He was surviving on the wealth his ancestors had saved for him. But day by day he was deteriorating the wealth and very soon he was to be left with nothing.


So he started asking for help from God. He said he wanted to start some business so that he not only could support himself but also provide opportunity for some more people in his village to earn some money and make a living.


Since he has been so faithful and has been thinking and doing only good things for others, God sent him his due. One day an old man who was his father’s friend visited Rahul. He said that his father had helped him a lot in his earlier days and he wants to repay something back to the family. He said he had a machine that makes chocolates and he made a living with that. His sons went to study abroad and never came back. So he wanted to give this machine to someone who truly deserves and appreciates it. So he gave the machine to him and left.


He remembered what the old man said ”You just have to feed the raw materials required to make the chocolate and the machine will give you the best chocolates in the world.” He was so happy and he set up a small manufacturing unit. He employed few people and started the factory the very next day.


Day one, the staff came to work and they fed the machine with the necessary raw materials and everyone was eagerly waiting for the chocolates to come out. The machine took few hours to produce the output. Finally it was time and when people tasted the chocolate it did not taste good. In fact it was the worst chocolate they had eaten…. He feels bad and curses himself; he feels god has done this on purpose. I should have not trusted this stranger, how can I believe him and invest so much money and start the factory. He gave the machine for free, that should have alerted me in the beginning, if it could make the best chocolates in the world then why didn’t he have it?


He prays to GOD that night- “Dear God.. I am already struggling and I asked for help, you sent me this stranger who wanted to gift me this chocolate making machine for free, I was so excited when I received it but now it has only caused me more burden, I have spent all the money and even borrowed some more to set this shop but the chocolates are tasting like sand. I do not know what to do.” He keeps praying and crying and he is so tired that he goes to sleep in the prayer room itself.


In the middle of the night suddenly he hears a voice, which says if you want the best fruits you need to focus on the roots. This keeps repeating in his mind and suddenly he wakes up. He tries to recollect what was said to him… If I need the best fruits then I need to focus on the roots. He gets the idea immediately he takes few items he has in house which can be sold and leaves for the market. He searches for the best products required for making his chocolate. He personally walks through every shop and chooses the ingredients. He sells the items he had brought from home and using that money buys the best ingredients for making the chocolate.


He rushes back to his factory and starts the machine again now feeding the new raw materials, the best ingredients into the machine. Out comes the chocolate, and now he tastes them, tears starts trickling down from his eyes… he has never tasted something as good as that in his life. He couldn’t belie  ve this was happening- a day before the kind of output he got and what he has now, the world’s best chocolate.


He learnt a big lesson that day, for extraordinary results you need to give extraordinary inputs. Giving mediocre or low quality ingredients cannot yield high quality output.


Can you share your ideas on how this story applies or rings a bell in your mind?


Ganesh Kumar S
Founder, CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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