Is your environment defining you?

As children we have no choice of the environment. We are shaped, tuned by the environment we grow in. Many people including me understand that the education system does not provide the right environment or system for the children to learn and experience life in the right way. But the challenge is many people even in their 40’s or 50’s are still allowing themselves to be defined by the environment.


Let’s understand what is around you is not what is necessarily inside you, and your environment should not define you. You have a unique talent and brought down to this earth in your human form for a particular reason. The reason need not be earth shattering but there is one! Only when you stop running the rat race for money, promotions and insecurity you tend to realize that you have the power and the ability to define your life.

During my trainings I see people working in a sober company become sober after sometime in every aspect of their life. Some people who work in an aggressive environment turn violent in all situations. Of course they are not aware of it consciously.


I recollect an incident that happened when I was a sales manager and managing a team at a bank. As part of the sales team you are expected to shout at your team, make their life hell till they get business done, in case they don’t get the targeted business, god help them…! I did not like this. I liked to treat them the way I wanted to be treated and this created a lot of challenges from my seniors. They used to say that I did not know how to run business and I need to learn to be more aggressive. Not that I didn’t know how to be aggressive but thought assertiveness will do a better job… In the short run, I failed but in the long run I won, it is like losing the battle but winning the war. My methods started producing results in the long run. Those people who worked under me produced great results then and are still in touch with me even after so many years.


Ask this question today to yourself? What would you like to do differently? Doesn’t matter how your job demands…Step into your world; define your path, your character and direction in which you shall travel.


Let the external environment just be a reflection of you and not define you !!!

Ganesh Kumar S
Founder, CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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