Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone!!!

What is most comfortable place on planet earth? When I ask this question to the audience they usually and instantly give answers like home, a luxurious hotel, mountain top being connected with nature, bachelors pad and slowly the answers start getting deeper, mother’s lap and finally the ultimate answer comes out- mother’s womb. The place where all of us once experienced complete comfort, you didn’t have to worry about food, climate or sleep. You were provided everything and you just had to chill in there, isn’t it?


Even though this was the most comfortable place on earth why was it destined that we had to come out? The moment we came out, we all cried because we felt uncomfortable. But at the end of this comfort zone, life begins… Yes the womb was so comfortable but in order to live your life you had to let go of your comfort zone. Many a times people are not living their life but just scraping through because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. They just get stuck in mere survival, mediocrity, and fear for their entire life. The moment you start pushing yourself outside your comfort zone you experience excitement, confidence, self-discovery, success, passion, purpose, no regrets and most importantly you have the opportunity to leave behind a legacy.


It is not your fault if you are comfortable being in your comfort zone till now but it is a crime if, now knowingly, you still don’t take the steps to push yourself towards excellence and being merely comfortable. The mind is a beautiful system designed to always help and protect you. In best interest, sometimes it over protects you. In those instances we need to be aware and push ourselves to doing things, take action beyond our comfort zone.  We always live our life within averages of what you are comfortable at any point of time.  Let me explain with the help of your health. You would be comfortable at a particular health condition let’s say. This condition of yours, which you are comfortable has no correlation with the outer world. So let’s take the example in the diagram. You are at B right now.  You will keep on fluctuating in your health because of your routines, food intake and physical exercises. Fluctuation always happens but sometimes you tend to drop your performance and start deteriorating, you keep on and suddenly when you about to reach to the level of A, you suddenly wake up or your systems put you on high alert. You suddenly become more aware of your patterns and you start pushing yourself to move up. Haven’t you noticed that people suddenly change when they face a heart attack, a health condition where they reach bottom? That moment they start to redefine life, change priorities and start to move their life in a different direction with lot more focus and effort.  This is called as reaching the rock bottom the A line. This line defines uncertainty for people, and people don’t want to be uncertain.  For human beings, one of the most important need is to be certain, we want to be certain whether we can succeed or fail, certain whether we can run the business or not, people usually go to any extent just to be certain.


This certainty becomes our enemy for our life’s growth. We have seen how this certainty helps when we move from B to A. The same certainty stops us from achieving or producing great result for ourselves. Most people when they start working hard produce wonderful results and make a lot of money. While in this positive momentum they tend to go to the level C, this is when the uncertainty starts kicking in and the mind starts playing games. It tells you beyond this point life is not certain, don’t stretch too much and strain yourself, just be within your comfort zone.  You tend to become happy about your progress and you just drop your performance. Instead of marching through Level C you touch the point and you drop yourself to Level B again. Why? Because you are comfortable there, there is certainty there, there is ease and you don’t need to stretch your mind.  When I first started my training business, I would do a lot of legwork to get more orders, the moment I see couple of big orders that are about to come in , I would stop putting in more efforts and just wait for the orders to come in, thinking I would need time to prepare and execute those orders. The reality was I would wait for the orders, wait and wait still nothing really comes.  Then one day I realize I am in Level C again I had to buckle myself, motivate myself to start running very hard to reach to Level B again, and then try to go beyond Level C. Slowly I realized the same pattern happening in my life again and again.  Then realizing the pattern of events in my life helped me to break the pattern and not stop at Level C but to break the boundary and go through Level C. Break the boundaries and create new boundaries, reach for the sky. The energy when you break C is awesome; use that as a momentum to build a new level of comfort. Understand that the certainty concept will always be part of your life but you can prepare your self to raise the bar every single time. Work hard in setting new benchmarks for yourself and when you reach there become comfortable with them. Spent some time to feel the new energy, appreciate and acknowledge the new position (comfort zone) you have reached and start marching forward. Life happens always at the edge of your comfort zone. Inside your comfort zone life becomes boring and monotonous, life beyond your comfort zone is adventurous, exciting and happening.


So quickly do an exercise :


What is your comfort zone right now?

1.In your Job / Business

2.In your relationship

3.Success (They way you define it now)


What is the boundary you have set now?

1.In your Job / Business

2.In your relationship

3.Any other area you want to work on


What are 5 actions you will take to go beyond your boundary?

1.In your Job / Business

2.In your relationship

3.Any other area you want to work on


How are you planning to celebrate your success?






Ganesh Kumar S
Founder & CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach




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