My travel and my reflections on the Journey

I love travelling . Especially because of the reason it helps to reflect on my life journey. In my recent trip to Hosur, I had a late night bus to catch back to Chennai and since there was not much things to do I was surfing through various channels. Unlike my tata sky box which limits my option of seeing certain channels there were so many local cable channels which were available. As I was screening through I was able to see the various situations, scenarios which are happening at the same time. Usually I avoid having discussion in forums about politics as I believe I need to act rather than talk. I am going to withhold my policy this time to talk about it.


On one channel there was a serious debate on the issue of killing a person on the assumption that he had beef. There were various religious and political angles attached to it and heated arguments made against various parties for almost 2 hours- no conclusion in sight. I know it is wrong to even think we can get a solution in that time. But the point is two people spoke what they wanted to, never heard/ allowed the other person to speak and finally finished the discussion carrying back their own stance/belief at the end.


Another channel where a man claims to have met god. Had board meeting with God (seriously this is said in a live channel) and how he was chosen to be the one to spread the message to people, to cure and transform people’s lives. Another channel with another religion people dancing over fire and have big spears pierced through their tongue, expecting some good return from God.
In FB at the same time, noticed the pathetic situation of our farmers. They have to produce, I think, close to 15 documents just to get a loan and run for it from pillar to post for so many months.  You can walk into a car showroom and buy a car in less than an hour with your loan approved but a farmer struggles to get one for months.
There are children in the world dying because of lack of food, on the other side we waste so much food. Some people are already getting ready to be in queue for I phone 6S. There are people struggling to get jobs at one end and jobs lying open in lacs not able to find the right candidates. So much time is spent in schooling but at the end what is the purpose? What we learn is rarely used, Atleast does it help in socialising and building communication. Today even most undergraduates are not able to communicate in even English, can’t write in tamil….the list goes on.
Fans of two film stars continuously fighting, completely wasting their time, money on posters,etc. Who is making more money in the process? Film stars gain more but say less or do less to stop the situation.
I know you have become tired of these questions and you will also be in a position to ask many more questions and have many more views like this…
So what is my purpose in this journey? My two cents
I cannot be everything, in this entire universe I am a small dot. Yes I am just a small dot, can I do something about these issues?  Can I really bring about a change in this universe?
When I thought about this I was reminded of the light house. A light house’s light is so small, it is so tiny compared to the large sea, but it can act as a guiding light to the the ships. For all ships which is in distress,  or lost track it can be a guide and make an impact isn’t it?
Now I realise I am small , I am tiny but still I can contribute my bit to the world. Now comes the next important  question how?By jumping into politics? making statements in fb? reading every other newspaper? or watching all the channels ?

My humble view is whatever you are doing do the best you can in that job. Be a light house for every single person in that particular business/job. I might be a bank clerk let me do the best I can, let me ensure my bank profits which helps the nation in turn, let me try and a smile to every single customer I approach. Clarify and provide the best service beyond what the company expects.
Let’s say I am a sweeper , can I contribute? Yes, immensely! You can even keep the neighbourhood clean and tidy.  Ensure no germs come.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing you can either contribute or detriment the environment.  What is your choice ? What is going to be your contribution?
Do what you do, do well. That is what is the need of the hour

Ganesh Kumar S
Founder & CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


  • Sir, really heart touched blog , sometimes I too feel like this. We can’t blame anyone. But I can do my best for every situation.. Thank you sir, keep posting 😉

  • I am reminded of a song I learnt at school,Ganesh. Do what you do, Do well. Do what you do,Do well. Do your work with all your heart and Do what you do,Do well.

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