Power of Words

We shall understand about the power of words through some interesting examples. The idea behind this is that you shall be able to understand and implement these so that at the end of the post you can improve your life to the next level by implementing these principles.


There are 60,000 thoughts that run in our mind every single day! What..? Yes, that’s correct. You might not be able to keep track of it with your conscious mind. But your sub conscious mind keeps track of every single thought. The majority of the thoughts that keep running in your mind decide what kind of a person you will be- positive, negative, lost, enthusiastic, etc. The surprising part which researches have shown is 95% of the thoughts repeats the next day. So basically if you have a positive thought you have a positive influence or in case of a negative thought you will a negative influence, so on and so forth. So don’t you think having a positive thought every single day, every moment in a day helps?


What does thoughts have to do with words? Well your thoughts are made up of words, sentences, visuals, etc. So the words which you use on a regular base to communicate and think will have a major impact in your life. If you are using negative words all the time and it might lead to negative thoughts and what next- you might end up with a shitty life! So first of all negative words have to be totally avoided. There are other words which we normally use in our day to day communication without knowing they too have a negative impact.


Words like “try”, “problem”, “hopefully”, “don’t”, “cannot” are called as disempowering words. They are the opposite of empowering. When some asks you to do something, you say ‘I shall try to do it ‘. It has already got a negativity attached to it even before you begin the task. The same if you are super confident will have an answer ‘I will do it’. See the amount of positive impact it gives. You as well the person in front will get an immediate confidence that you will be able to complete this task.


Always use empowering words in your conversation
I shall try – I will do it
I have a problem – I have a challenge
Don’t drop it – Hold it carefully


Your words used correctly will help you to get the job done from the other person with ease. So be aware of the words you use regularly and practice using empowering words regularly. Good words lead to good thoughts which in turn will lead to good action and therefore a great future.


Many campaigns have been won with using the right empowering words.

Yes we can!


Ganesh Kumar S
Founder, CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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