Smart Goal Setting – Long and Short Term Goals

All of us should have a plan for life. We plan the way we go to office, the way we want to dress for an occasion, the way we want to decorate our room. Don’t you think it is more important to plan …YOUR LIFE??


Yes, I understand it is difficult to have a clear picture of everything that will happen in the future, but nevertheless you can have an outline, a road map of what is that you wish to do in this journey of life. Your journey is short, but your presence, your footsteps on this earth can be kept alive for many long years even after your body departs the earth depending on what you have done when your soul was within your body. When time is short and you have to achieve a lot of things, planning is very crucial. You need to prioritize your achievements and accomplishments.


How do we plan things? The simple and tested solution to this is “GOALS”. What is a goal? Goal is the result or achievement, towards which effort is directed/ aimed. Goal is the terminal point in a race. So you set a goal to achieve what you want in life.  It can be something you want to achieve today, this month, this year or in 5 years. It is still a goal provided the effort and focus is there.


“If you do not have a time frame or the effort put to achieve something you can’t call it a goal it is just fate “.  – GK


In order to have a better success rate you should have a SMART goal.

S   pecific


M  easurable


A   ttainable


R  ealistic

T  ime bound


Whatever you want to achieve, you have to be specific. You have to be as specific as possible. Let’s say you want to buy a car, you need to know the make, model, color, engine, petrol / diesel, price, etc. Let see an example.

Person 1:

I want to buy a car. It should be big and stylish. It should travel very fast and my friends should envy me for the car I have.  (This is what most people have as goals. It is not very specific.)

Person 2:

I want to buy a Black Hyundai Verna in two years. I want alloy wheels for my car. I want a BOSCH music system in the car. I want interiors with a combination of leather and matching vinyl upholstery. I will only go for the diesel vehicle considering the cost of petrol in the future. I have to build a parking shed for my car in a month.

What do you feel?   Whom do you think has a higher chance of achieving their goal?

The more specifics you get into, the more you think about the details, the desire gets higher and higher. Knowing specifics is important because at the end of the day you need to know whether what you have achieved is what you really set out to do at the beginning. Many a times people do not have the specifics clear, they just go about working hard and when they finally reach the end they are shocked because the result is not what they wanted in the beginning. So many hours of effort and time was spent but did not get the right result. This is because they did not spend the time to sit and write down the specifics of what they wanted to achieve. It is important to pen down what you want. Many people assume that planning in the mind is enough. All successful businesses have a plan for the year and the years to come. They write it down and they get to the specifics as much as possible. Post that they run the plan through the entire organization so that each and every individual knows what their company wants to achieve. Only then they will understand and work accordingly. It is very important the employees get the BIG picture.

Similarly you need to have a BIG picture. You need to know what you want. The picture should be very clear for you. When you start out of your house, are you aware of the destination you want to reach? When you know the destination you then have to plan the route, correct? In this journey of life also, you need to decide your destination first. Once you know what you want, you need to plan the route to reach that destination. In this journey you meet a lot of people with other plans for their own life. Each of them are there to create an impact in your life, they are there for a reason. Don’t ignore them, rather enjoy and share your experience with the people you journey with. It makes your journey even more exciting. Once the BIG picture is clear you can get into planning the time required to achieving the goal.

While planning your goal you need to strike balance across your career, self development, family, social and money. It is a wheel of balance. If any spoke of the wheel is not taken care of, the journey will never be smooth. Balance will always be in place if you are focused on each of the goals, if your priorities are clearly planned.

You are in this EARTH for a reason. You are created by GOD for a purpose. Every single person in this universe has a purpose for his life. Everything you see around is for a reason. So once you have found your purpose in life you should set your goals to achieve them. Humans, sun, moon, seas, wind, and air everything are there for a reason.

We shall look at Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound in the next post.


Ganesh Kumar S

Entrepreneur, Author, Success Coach, Chief Trainer


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