What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is Emotional Intelligence? Why are we binding emotions and intelligence together?  What is the importance of EI in one’s life?


Let’s get some answers to these questions in this blog.


Initially people were judged based on Intelligence Quotient alone. This was the 1990’s where cognitive intelligence was given more importance. People with good verbal, logical and mathematical skills were given more priority or opportunities over others.


First time in 1983 Dr Howard Gardner in his book called “Frames of Mind” wrote about multiple intelligences.


He talked about Eight different intelligences

1. Verbal/linguistic
2. Logical/mathematical
3. Musical
4. Visual
5. Bodily/kinesthetic
6. Naturalistic
7. Interpersonal
8. Intrapersonal



In 1995 is when Daniel Goldman wrote the book “Emotional Intelligence”.  As per research it is noted that Emotional Intelligence may be responsible for the cause of an individual’s life and work.


Emotional Intelligence put in a simple way is awareness of one’s emotions, awareness of others’ emotions, self-management and relationship management. It starts with understanding one’s emotion, if the person is successful in understanding self, then there is a higher possibility of understanding others. Under managing self comes emotional self-control, resilience, achievement drive, stress management, etc. Relationship management covers area like developing relationship, communication, building trust, bonding, teamwork, collaborations, etc.


Gone are the days where managers can shout / demand work from people, in current corporate situation mangers have to connect , build rapport, empathise with the employee.  If the employee feels the connect with the boss he goes out of his way to perform his the job. Even in order to have a supportive, friendly, co-operative environment to work, emotional intelligence becomes a key requirement. Large corporate companies have test for new joiners to check how good they are with respect to emotional intelligence and select people with high scores.


Let’s say an employee is always coming late to office by 10 mins. A typical manager will shout at him,  make fun of him in front of other employees, give him a warning. Still if the employee comes late and doesn’t change, will give him a cut in pay check. A manager who is high at emotional intelligence will first have a face to face, one on one discussion with the employee. He will figure out the real reason behind why is the employee late every day. He will try to come with alternatives, ideas to truly help the employee to come on time, in case the job permits he might even give an option to come in late but also ensure he clocks required hours at office and get his job completed. Thereby there is a win-win situation for the boss as well as the employee.  Instead of working under stress, both the manager and employee are happy. There is a high possibility that the employee, in every way, wants to help the boss in return for he has been empathetic towards him.


 More and more people now realise the need for emotional intelligence but do not know how to get these skills across to their employees or within the organisation.


Giant Leap’s Emotional Intelligence training program will cover all these four aspects. The program is very practical as it provides ways to improve your self-awareness, we also teach ways to connect with other people’s emotions, understand their emotions and ways to strengthen relationships. We use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help the participants learn the concept easily.The program also covers how to handle stress, why stress is formed, the differences between good and bad stress. Finally we handle relationship management, ways to handle relationships and methods to improve relationship at work and personal life.


Predominantly companies focus on improving the technical skills of employees, but working on the emotional intelligence of the employees is one of the key requirements today. Human beings are a box of emotions, if the emotions are handled well, anybody can be handled.


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