Where are you heading?

This is an important question that you need to ask yourself every now and then. Every day you are running a race, a never-ending race … to where? What for? Do you really know the destination or do you see where it will lead you?


It reminds me of the reality of how we are looking for different things at different times. At a young age we want to play but forced into studies so that we get into a good job. We really want to become old fast so that we can watch TV and do things as per our own choice, which was not a luxury at young age. Later we realise when we finish college we want to earn more in order to live a luxurious life, take care of our parents and siblings but get caught up in the corporate rat race of promotions and increments. We wish to get old and retire fast so that we can find time to enjoy the money we have earned but end up visiting hospitals and worrying for our children’s future.  In the entire race where are you?


Are you taking care of yourself, the most important person? Are you finding time for yourself? I am not talking about your TV time or social media time. This is just a date with you and you alone. In this race you need time to sit and reflect on the journey. There is no point in cribbing after you are old.


I remember reading an article where an alumnus from the first batch of my college had shared. The alumni’s are meeting after almost 30 years; on his return he shares his reflection.


“I remember how energetic we were about our ideas and the journey we wanted to have when we’re studying.  Now I can see most people are caught up in different worlds doing things not even close to what they had in mind during college. Now this meeting reminded us and bought our ideas back to life. Now I know I need to implement it immediately. Cause it looked like just a blink of eye, 30 years is gone and I know I do not have the liberty of another blink.”

This happens usually because the immediate needs in life take an upper hand over the future or long term life goals. Just like we loose focus on the road for few minutes in a long journey the same happens in real life. The difference is that few minutes is actually years in our life span.


Find time for yourself, reflect on your journey, enjoy the challenges, relax, refresh and get charged for the next leg. Reflect regularly from now on so that one day when you retire and look back on your entire life journey it is just filled with wonderful moments and beautiful experiences.












Ganesh Kumar S
Founder & CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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