Your Greatest Power!

How do you define power? Do you define power by capability to lift weights? Or power is the authority which comes with designation?


The power I am writing about is with every human. A power which can take you places, a power which can help you achieve every single goal that you possess. The power to take ACTION!  People have had great failures because they failed to take action to achieve their goal. If you fail at a particular goal you just have to look at other possible strategies to achieve the goal, be flexible and take action till you reach success. The moment you stop taking action towards reaching your goals you are failing at that and you become powerless. Most people know what is required to achieve their goal, they also know the means and ways to achieve them, but yes the ‘BUT’ is the action. I do not have time, I have to attend this function, I will do it tomorrow, I am already exhausted in doing the work of my boss, and many more such excuses are not allowing you to reach your goal.  You brain is very intelligent; it will give you thousands of reason why a particular task cannot be done. Just look at anything which you wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t… Your brain would have given you convincing reasons why that action couldn’t be taken. Similarly the brain can also find ways to do a particular task if you want to. The best way to achieve your dream is to take action. Every single, small action of yours is going to reiterate to your sub conscious mind that this goal of mine, it is important to me and achieving this will give me immense happiness.


The greatest power lies in taking action towards whatever you want. I can hear you saying “What so great about it, I take action all the time?” The question is “Are you taking enough action on the things which you want in life? Is every action of yours towards whatever goal, dream that you have set for yourself? “Every step of yours should resonate with your purpose… If purpose is too strong a word, replace it with goals. You should see the way athletes go about achieving their success. They go through extensive body building every single day. They then start practicing basketball, football whatever their game is for the rest of the day, the amount of focus in their training and right amount of food, their dedication all helps to get where they are. They understand they have many miles to go before they sleep. But their action leads to success. Every athlete has the desire to be successful and famous but most aren’t, the missing link is ‘action’.


Let’s say you have a bucket of water, and I have a liquid which can turn the colour of the water into red. Now I do not know the exact amount of liquid required to turn the water into red colour therefore I keep adding drops of the liquid into the bucket of water. I keep dropping 5, 10, 15 drops there is no change in colour of water. Slowly after the twenty fifth drop of liquid the water immediately turns red. Can you tell me which drop helped in turning the water red? Not just the 25th but every drop of liquid added made the difference. Every step of action towards the goal is important it doesn’t matter if it small, big, first or last, starting taking action. Utilize your biggest power and see yourself becoming more alive. Most importantly you will feel your life is in your control…!


Take the leap today...

Take the leap today…


Take power in your hands. What action are you taking today?

Ganesh Kumar S
Founder, CEO Giant Leap, Author, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


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